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Online sales are a clear emerging trend in the past year, you can see anyone can import goods online.

Those are moms who are selling milk online at home, girls who are students, went to work.

Or even high school students and whiskers have rushed into this war.

The reason many people go to online sales is because of its high feasibility:

Customers now focus on Google, social networks, not going anywhere.

This job doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you have the sales power, the income potential is endless.

You can sell anything as long as it meets the specific needs of people’s daily life, so never worry about the idea of doing business.





Online sales 2019: The trend is increasing
Online sales are still and continue to be a strong trend in the coming time

when the purchasing habits of Vietnamese people are increasing, the source of goods and goods is increasingly rich.

Basic salary is not enough: Many office workers, from men to women always

complain to themselves that the current salary from wage employment is not

enough to support themselves in city land. So people started to grasp the trend of online sales to earn extra income.
Don’t want to live the loop 8 AM-5PM: Worry about rushing to work 8 AM-5PM,

or go to school to hear “things that can’t be digested”, many people want to challenge

themselves seriously by online business.
Create extra income & work for moms and dads: Milk-loving moms or housewives

often have to hang around every day in the house without doing anything to

increase their income, with free time they surf Facebook and Zalo A lot and very quickly capture online sales trends.
In fact, the nature of online sales is to find the source of goods, to import goods to sell, to have good

digital marketing skills, the results bring more quickly and surely.

Many people run Facebook and Google ads. Many people are sensitive and start early,

only post and work hard to sell on personal pages Facebook, Zalo, Instagram …

also bring back not less than ten million per month.

This reason is enough for you to see that online sales are a strong trend and will boom more in 2022.





Online sales: How much capital to start?
How much capital does online sales need?

There will be no specific answer, as it depends on the niche, items and financial

resources of each individual. I will divide it into 3 categories:

Investment costs for knowledge.
I put it on top because according to me, in online sales, knowledge is the most important.

If you do not have certain knowledge and knowledge, you are like going to war without a gun.

Selling online at the start-up stage only if you are a personal or small 2-3 person, means you need to do the following:

Find & optimize supplies
Implementing Digital Marketing & Sales
Warehouse management.

Online sales: Where to find goods?
Where do you want to sell products online?

Talking about the source of goods for sale, you can get through the following ways:

Find yourself online
Ask about your relationships
Ask transport units or go directly to China.
Not everyone can have a relationship to ask for help in finding goods,

but when asking about it, it is not sure that others are willing to help.




So just start with the following ways:

Find on Facebook
On Facebook, there are often many fanpage, individual &

whole group specializing in import and wholesale goods for each individual product niche.

You search at the Facebook search toolbar with the keyword “items + wholesale / wholesale”

Search Google
Google is always a useful source of lookup when you want to find any information.

With the source, I just need to go to Google search the keyword

phrases: “Wholesale / Wholesale / Factory / Wholesale price + items” is going to

produce a lot of results to study and choose.

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