7 ways to increase traffic (traffic) for new website or blog effectively

The first big obstacle after you just created the website is: No one knows how to read.

No traffic, hard to motivate. Because the main purpose of making your website is to visit many others, read articles and they become customers.

Traffic & revenue will be proportional to each other.

If making website 1 time but still not get a certain amount of traffic, it is very easy to cause frustration. For those who are not high will give up.

In this article, I will suggest some basic, easy-to-implement ways that you can apply to get the first traffic for a mental child.




1.Build quality content & SEO

If your content is not unique, it is impossible to retain customers, then it is difficult to use content for SEO.

Which SEO is a form of bringing free and endless traffic to your website.

When you find a certain keyword on Google will meet 2 types of content:

Good content appreciated by Google (1)
Content like sh …. but still up the top because they focused heavily on build links. (2)
But almost, number (1) always dominates and purees about whitehat SEO & peace of mind to go longer

3. Use leverage with paid traffic
If with SEO, readers find themselves through Google search queries and click on the results that Google suggests.

Paid traffic is the place where you proactively bring the content you have invested in quality to readers through advertising.

For example, Google Ads has 4 ad positions when users find any information.

Once you have built quality content & posted it on the website, you can invest a cost for paid traffic, not as much as those who run ads to sell.

Which only flexibly used to pull a volume of traffic in accordance with the article content, from this amount of traffic, Google will accurately assess your content through the following criteria:

Time to stay on the page (time on site)
Bounce rate
Interact with other content you lead.
And Google will rely on that to rank your website faster than normal SEO.




There are 2 channels of paid traffic that I often use to pull readers interested in content to the website and leverage the long-term SEO goals: Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

However, my initial SEO strategy is to pull traffic that is paying attention to the content in question, so I use Google Search Ads primarily.

As for Facebook Ads, I only use it to retarget readers who have visited the website, with their own targets for each purpose they want, mainly sales.

4. Comments on other blogs have the same topic
If there is a blog in the field you are doing (Or related) with a comment section & can insert a website. You can join the exchange.

If your comment is impressive, others will click on the link to your website to find out who you are.





There are 3 main comments:

Ask a question for the person who wrote the blog
Support other questions
Give your own views on blog content.
Absolutely not PR for your website, or any of your products or services. Because that is not a good promotion. And it is highly likely that you will be removed by the website owner.

5.Community activities and social activities

If your niche has communities to discuss, don’t regret taking time to join.

Whether you share, help, and be active in the community will help your brand or business that you are building up.

If you have the trust of everyone, you will pull a huge source of traffic when sharing links with relevant and useful content for them.

For example: Many people operate on the SEOmxh forum, place the link below the signature, then join the discussion very enthusiastically.

6.Set reasonable internal backlink

Internal backlinks are links from one article to another article, directory, and content on your website. For example, the related content section under the article is one of the most popular internal backlinks:

If you know how to make an internal link properly, readers will read more of your website posts by clicking on the links they care about. This will:

Increase pageview
Reduce bounce rate
These indicators show that your website is a reliable place & Google will appreciate it.





7.Share content on social networks

Content that you share on the website is definitely useful to others, unless you only focus on sales.

Build content that many others need, then share on social networks, in Vietnam, take advantage of Facebook, and if you do international sites, don’t ignore Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, …

For example, Sheis is a brand specializing in women’s beauty.

Their blog builds many valuable articles that provide knowledge about beauty and beauty products. Taking advantage of Facebook MXH strengths, they shared up the newly published articles on the site to get back to pulling traffic.

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